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Cass Green on the Issues

Our representatives in Harrisburg need to fight for working people. Our community deserves housing, health care, education and investment. We deserve more than politicians that use their power only to benefit themselves.

Real Affordable Housing for All 

Cass believes that housing is a human right. She will push to expand subsidies, rental relief and eviction protections, increase affordable units, rent-to-own options, support home repair subsidies like the Whole Home Repair Program and fight to end housing discrimination and historic redlining practices.

Safety & Justice Reform

Cass will fight to stop criminalizing poverty induced by systemic trauma and racism, address mandatory minimums & promote comprehensive crime prevention measures such as increased investment in youth and adult diversion programs, and community-based safety initiatives. Support holistic solutions and more resources for returning citizens and victim services. 

Quality Education for All 

Cass will advocate for immediate full and fair funding for our neighborhood public schools, infrastructure and facility upgrades and increased investment in teachers and staff. She will work to ensure local students can access our world-class higher education institutions and that residents have the training and access they need for careers in the expanding local tech and biotech industries.

Community Informed Collaboration & Investment

Cass will initiate roundtables and listening sessions throughout the 10th district to develop a cohesive community-led 10th District vision and plan to build capacity, implement solution-based change, support livable-wage employment, small businesses and entrepreneurship and investment in grassroots agencies.

‘NO’ To Business As Usual

Cass will not court wealthy donors and won’t take a dime from those who want to privatize our schools and break unions. Cass is an innovator, risk taker, independent thinker and will be responsive  to residents of the 10th District and collaborative with elected officials across the commonwealth. Cass is committed to true representation of the people. 

Arts and Culture

My whole life, I’ve identified as an artist and a creative. Our government must foster the arts for more opportunities for young people to express themselves and thrive.